Monday, June 8, 2009

A Filmmaker's Reflection

I have learn about my topic that the sports facilities in the Bronx are not improving. I also learned about technology that we can do work faster and even make our own video clip. Working as a team helped me learn how to help each other and how to come with a great idea by putting each other's ideas.
My goals for my documentary are to persuade the mayer to improve and give more attention to the Bronx. My other goal is also to persuade the mayor to not let the Yankee Stadium get tear down.
I want people to give more attention to the issue of sports facilities because it would help kids get involve into sports and it would help reduce the obesity and it also helps kids health.
I think kids can inspire in the world because we all have a voice like any adult and kids can work together and with ideas we can act like adults.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thises and My Documentary

The social issue is to improve sports facilities in our community including parks, gyms and school. The massage is to persuade the mayer to improve sports facilities.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blog critique

Anne Frank is a young girl who lived in Holland with her family and had a good affluence family. She was a young girl who liked to party and have fun, she was also a girl who interested in love. Everything was find in Anne Frank's life but in 1942 the Nazis occupy Amsterdam and all Jewish had different rights of living there life's in Amsterdam. Anne Frank's life started to change in a terrified way. Anne Frank couldn't go out her home like before or either party because it was very dangerous. Soon things were getting worst and Jewish were treated badly. For example, Jewish were taken away and got put in gas chambers or in concentration and that's when Anne Frank's family had to take a choice and they decided to fled there home in Amsterdam and move into the Secret Annexe. More after the Frank family were living together with the Van Daan's and there lives changes ones again. After a year the Frank's and the Van Daan's were found in the secret Annexe.
I can connect to the diary of Anne Frank because Anne Frank was use to go to party's and have fun and then her live changed with out her making a decision because when the Nazis arrived in Amsterdam she couldn't do what she was use to do and I connect to this because when summer arrives I,m use to play baseball but when the winter arrives I can't play no more baseball and is not my decision because if it was I would love that the New York city was a place were there's only summer.
I can say that in this a sad moment was when Anne Frank had to leave her house to move to a smaller place. I also think that there was a suspenseful moment and that moment was when Anne Frank heard the foot steps.
I would recommend this book because is a diary of a young girl who went through allot of problems and there's young girls who are going through allot of problems.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Anne Frank book club responce

In the 6 pages I read, I could tell that Anne Frank was a teen ayer who had fun, allot of friends and use to party allot. I also know that Anne Frank use to ride bikes and that her family loved her allot. I have read between the lines and i know that Anne Frank had allot who were in love with her but she didn't mind them when they would throw her a kiss.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alice Walker

Alice Walker wrote in the 1960s time period. Three major historical events that took place during this time period were the War in Vietnam, the plan to go up in space and the racism with the African Americans. This time period influence their poetry because during does events they were alive and they have experience of what they have seen and the problems she has face. Her background may experience her poetry because she faced allot of problems during the slavery and she saw allot of violence that she had to express her feelings about.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Paint Me Like I Am

The mood of this poem is excited because the poet is getting painted and she want to get painted in so much ways but with a happy setting. I know because she uses happy word's and she describes how she wants to get painted. I think the poet wrote the poem with this mood because she feels in this mood.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bronx Masquar Poetry Respons

I can infer that Chankara is feeling very depress and lonely because she have notice that her boyfriend don't really love her and that shes going through the same situation her sister is going through. I can also infer that she needs a person to talk to and express her feelings, but the one that could have help is her sister and she is in the same situation. Bruise is the word she uses in the poem to describe her feelings because she uses that word to support her details to compare and make you understand what she mean in one word. The meaning of this poem is that Chankara don't want to go through the same problem her sister is going through because she wants to help her self.